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Quaker Values in Education

Our approach to progressive education is deeply rooted in Quaker history, practice, and the testimonies of equity, integrity, and stewardship. The Quaker belief that there is goodness within each person shapes everything we do at SCFS, from the diversity of topics covered in our curriculum, to the variety of activities teachers design to engage all types of learners, from our approach to social emotional education with an emphasis on communication and conflict resolution to the opportunities for students to become agents of change in their classrooms, local, and global communities.

Based on the Quaker idea that we all have equal access to truth about the world, teachers and students at SCFS work together to build knowledge and deepen understanding. One way this is practiced on a daily basis SCFS is the gathering of students in a circle for classroom routines and academic instruction. Teachers do not sit above the class, but rather situate themselves in a circle with students. All students are equal members of the class and refer to teachers by first name. 

You can see the application of the Quaker testimonies reflected in the academic studies at each grade level. Social studies highlights diverse perspectives both in the classroom and throughout history. Scientific explorations teach students to become thoughtful stewards of the earth. Small reading, writing, and math groups allow teachers to differentiate instruction based on student needs. Following the social witness and peacebuilding traditions of early Quakers, students at SCFS learn to reflect their values in daily actions by engaging in nonviolent conflict resolution,  practicing stewardship of the earth, completing service learning, and developing the skills to be thoughtful, compassionate members of their learning community.