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Welcome from the Director of Development


Annie BoggessAt our eighth grade graduation from SCFS, my classmates and I sat in chairs that we had painted ourselves and had the opportunity to speak about what the school meant to us. Since joining the SCFS team in 2020, I have often reflected on what I shared with the community gathered on that warm May day.


During my middle school years at SCFS, teachers always found ways to recognize my strengths and guide me through challenges. I felt fundamentally known and seen during a phase of life where many feel unmoored and misunderstood. All that I learned as a Friends School student allowed me to move into young adulthood with a clear sense of who I was and my agency in the world. I knew, deep down, that I was valuable, and I believed I could make positive change. I still do. 


Dedicating my professional life to sharing the mission of Friends School is an honor and a joy. The opportunity to make an outstanding education grounded in a culture of love accessible to more children and young adults has become a true calling for me. Together, we can ensure that SCFS continues to be a place where students and families, teachers and staff find community and affirmation of who they really are.


In peace,


Annie Boggess '04

Director of Development