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Parent Testimonials

Reflections from SCFS Parents

"Students at Friends School are encouraged to be themselves and to express their creative side. They are engaged, exploring, and excited to be at school. Additionally, students can respectfully voice their opinions in a world that tries to silence anyone that doesn’t conform." 
-- Lynn Williams, Parent
"My children feel that they are active and valuable members of the Friends School community.  Not only do they expect their school to provide a safe place for learning, but they also feel empowered to speak up if they see an opportunity for beneficial change."
-- Ieva Perkons, Parent
"Preschool students at the Friends School were welcomed into their classroom today by a butterfly that had just emerged from its chrysalis. Beside the empty chrysalis was another butterfly waiting to emerge. Its bright green color was contrasted against a bright blue paper with the word ‘Metamorphosis’ written on it. 
Later today, the kids will identify if the new butterfly is a male or female, they will name it, and then they will let it go. I’ll admit that I’m pretty excited to hear all about it this afternoon."
-- Maria Shroyer​, Parent
"Because the class sizes are small and the teachers see the same students over two years, they get a true sense of the individual children and can form a meaningful bond that can be the foundation to instill a true love of learning."
​-- Clara Drummond, Parent