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Pre-K Program

Pre-K at SCFS centers around joyful play-based learning for children ages 3-5 years old. Our goal is to enrich the lives of our students  by helping them develop social, emotional, and physical independence, natural curiosity, and a love of learning.  Grounded in Quaker educational philosophy, we also draw from the approaches of Montessori, Reggio Emilia, and Waldorf. Children explore language, logical thinking and number relationships, cause and effect, and social skills through teacher-supported play and developmentally appropriate lessons. 


During the pre-kindergarten years, all kinds of learners have opportunities to explore, experiment, and engage through creativity, choice, and cooperation. Student interest and imagination are integrated into all aspects of the school day. Quaker values are naturally enhanced through play. Areas for children to build, practice, and hone academic skills are woven into the classroom environment. Through one-on-one work, small group instruction, and hands-on activities, children explore language arts, music, nature, imaginative play,  science, art, world cultures, and living and learning in community. Our program is built around opportunities for children to grow in self-confidence and social awareness while developing skills to prepare for academic work in kindergarten and beyond.


Pre-K at SCFS is a Keystone STARS program designated with a rating of STAR 4, the highest available within the program. Overseen by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, Keystone STARS preschools strive for the highest quality in professional staffing and early learning environments.